Sunday, May 5, 2013

Why Do We Need Art?

For the average person who is not an artist, this may be a question that may be in the back of your mind. People also question the validity of art in the school system when budgets are sorely lacking. I've seen where budgets have cut art to such a degree that it places little value on it. The general public are rarely outraged. Teaching handwriting to students are being bypassed. Handwriting...where individuality can be seen and help in motor skills for children. As an airbrush artist, this is my most popular script that people ask for time and again....which may not be taught in schools anymore.

We are first introduced to books as children, they are not merely words inside. Illustrations and photos help us to learn. Visualization is a powerful tool in learning. It continues to be a powerful tool as we grow through film, photos and artwork. When we travel, signs are everywhere directing us where to go. Imagine a world without it, and we may quickly get lost.


One of my first recollections of art was a carousel merry go round. Going around on a brightly colored horse with other kids waving to our parents. Smiles were plenty to go around. In Kindergarten, my art teacher encouraged me to continue as well as my high school teacher. After much prayer, hours of sketching and painting are still continued to this day.

Art is still a form of communication. Art needs eyes to see it. Hands to create it and interaction with people to make it successful or to accomplish it's intent. Art is also for sheer beauty which this world so desperately needs.

We were created by our Creator to create. When was the last time you seen a child draw something and it made you smile? Sometimes even children can teach us if we are open to it.

~ Margret Howard