Sunday, October 4, 2015

Connections in Art

Many of us have an inborn quality to create. Often we get the most fulfillment in this life when we are able to create. When the arts intersect or combine, it can become the most satisfying to people in many ways.

For example, the literary arts combined with artwork can become a valuable tool in teaching the young and old alike. In the beginning stages of a child’s life, books with illustrations can open up their minds to a world of understanding and imagination. Even as adults, we can read instruction manuals for a better understanding on technology. Even on-line manuals have graphics and illustrations.

We were made to work together and create. Our Creator made it this way and, it can create a successful way of living. As an Artist, I often collaborate with other creative people to get the job done as well as seek God first in approaching a project.

Artists, writers, sculptors, engineers, musicians and many others in the fields of creativity have long intersected my path. I'm sure this happens world wide also. A team works best when working together to create from what they envision to become reality. 

With the Marvel Comics, there is Stan Lee who is a writer. He writes the stories that so many continue to enjoy through comics and movies. The artists, actors, and all the ones behind the scenes make things happen for our enjoyment. He doesn’t do this alone.

After I painted this painting of Stan Lee, I wondered about this subject. I came to the realization that so many creative people are interconnected.

Sometimes we are meant to do artwork alone. Yet, I would venture to say what good is art if it’s not shared. If there are not eyes to see it, ears to hear it or hands to use it?