Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Fluorescent Zebra, Joy and Thankfulness

Fluorescent Zebra, Joy and Thankfulness

While working at an event airbrushing t-shirts, I saw a young man in a motorized wheel chair approaching quickly towards my table. He was smiling. As he came closer I could see that he had support for his head also to keep it in place. Wow, I thought…wondering why was he smiling?

He shared that he wanted a custom t-shirt for a raffle. He wanted to bring awareness to his cause, EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.) It’s a genetic, connective-tissue disorder that makes joints too loose and the spine. He gave me a business card which stated more about this condition. I asked, “Is this what you have?” He replied, “Yes.” Speechless as thoughts overwhelmed me and I held back tears.

So I painted the shirt and made it colorful. Just the way he wanted it. When he returned, it was so nice to see the joy across his face as he looked at the shirt.

As he was leaving, I felt the urge to pray for him. So I did and continue to do so.
Sometimes in this life, I feel like my problems are insurmountable. The weight of it sometimes will bring me to my knees. It seems it may be God's way of reminding me to pray.

However, after that moment, I felt that I don’t have any problems, well, none like his. It’s just a day to be thankful. As I am thankful every day for little and big things.

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